The Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet

 An Easier, More Secure Way to Deal with Your Transactions


Airbitz Bitcoin WalletBuying and selling using Bitcoin has just become a lot easier with the new Airbitz Bitcoin wallet. Focusing on user safety, advanced security through high level encryption, as well as ease of use, this wallet has got it where it counts when it comes to facilitating all your transactions and providing you with a secure and reliable platform for your Bitcoin information.


About the Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet


Airbitz is a Bitcoin wallet that allows you to send or receive bitcoin in just a few minutes. It can easily be installed on your mobile devices, regardless of whether you’re an Android or iOS user, and it comes with a number of high end features that are also quite practical:


  1. It was designed using open source code, and features a powerful decentralized architecture, while requiring no user identification, so that your privacy will be fully respected.
  2. Multiple security features are available, including client side encryption and encrypted backups.
  3. Airbitz also allows you to assign multiple currencies on the same account, with each wallet being able to support separate currencies.
  4. You can add multiple wallets to the same account.
  5. You can edit and search your transaction data with extreme ease, the user interface being highly intuitive and easy to use.
  6. Payment requests are supported via email or text messages.
  7. The Bitcoin wallet is designed to be extremely easy to use for beginners, but at the same time, advanced users can still benefit from all the advanced options they are interested in.


A Simple and Practical Bitcoin Wallet


While growing in popularity, Bitcoin still seems to have a long way to go before a large number of people and businesses may start using it. However, with the ease of use and practical advantages of wallets like Airbitz, that prospect doesn’t seem too far.


The Airbitz Bitcoin wallet is available in app format, as a mobile app that’s just as simple and efficient as most mobile banking applications you may already be accustomed to using. It allows you to create an account through just a few easy steps, and assign a secure 4-digit PIN within minutes.


The wallet’s architecture features an easy to use, encrypted platform that allows you to send and receive Bitcoin with ease. You can use email, SMS messages, or even BLE (bluetooth low energy) or near field communication methods to send or receive your requests.


Safety and Encryption


We’ve saved the best for last, as safety is the primary focus of the Airbitz application, every aspect of its features being designed to keep your transactions private and secure.


First of all, it’s important to note that Bitcoin information will never be sent unencrypted, either online or through your network. Automatic wallet encryption, recovery and backup features will help you avoid losing any of your data, while all the information associated with your Bitcoin transactions is safely, automatically backed up in the cloud, each time you send or receive Bitcoin. As an added bonus, you can add more than one device, and sync them without the need for extra configurations or adjustments.


The Airbitz Bitcoin wallet is considered one of the most effective and secure tools for Bitcoin management, and it can be extremely handy, whether you want to use it as an individual or for your business.